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The Heavy EP

Release: 14 November 2002 (7"), 21 April 2003 (CD)
Formats: 7" / CD / Promotional CD

  1. The Heavy
  2. Rod Of Iron
  3. Branded!
* Release Sticker: "Relaxed Muscle" - the group everyone's calling "The Sound of Young Doncaster". That's quite ironic as Darren Spooner, the singing member of the group, has been on the local scene for a number of years, most notably in "Heavy Cochran" who were very popular on the club circuit a few years back. When "Heavy Cochran" split up towards the end of the 90's, Darren (by his own admission) went into a downward spiral resulting in the break-up of his marriage & his eventual arrest for a string of petty crimes. It was whilst serving his community service that he met Jason Buckle, a young man on a Restart scheme. They discovered they shared a mutual interest in music & - BANG - "Relaxed Muscle" was born!
"Like the dark, sinister flip-side to TV's "Phoenix Nights" - Northern club culture gone nasty." (DONCASTER GAZETTE);
"I have never seen an audience look more genuinely scared of a frontman." (SHEFFIELD STAR);
"Whatever you do, DO NOT book this band." (VARIETY DIGEST)
The Heavy EP The Heavy EP 7-inch: label
The Heavy EP CD Promo

Billy Jack / Sexualized

Release: 28 July 2003
Numbers: RTRADES106 / RTRADESCD106 / RTRADEPR106 / Muscle001
Formats: 7" / CD / Promotional CD / Limited 12"

  1. Billy Jack
  2. Sexualized
  3. Year Of The Dog (CD Bonus Track)
Billy Jack / Sexualised Billy Jack / Sexualised 12-inch
Billy Jack / Sexualised CD Promo

A Heavy Nite With...

Release: 27 October 2003
Formats: Vinyl LP / Enhanced CD / Promotional CD

  1. The Heavy
  2. 3-Way Accumulator
  3. Beastmaster
  4. Billy Jack
  5. Rod Of Iron
  6. Tuff It Out
  7. Sexualized
  8. Muscle Music
  9. B-Real
  10. Previous
  11. Battered
  12. Mary
  13. Sexualized (CD-Rom Video)
  14. Billy Jack (CD-Rom Video)
* The sleeve-insert for the promotional CD (called 'A Heavy Night With...') lists '3-Way Accumulator' as 'Let It Ride'. The promo CD doesn't include the CD-Rom Videos.

* The vinyl LP was pressed on glow-in-the-dark vinyl.

* Two unused session tracks are also available: 'Dirty Dick', which you can listen to on Jason Buckle's MySpace website, and 'This Is As Good As It Gets' which is available on the The Electronic Bible Chapter 1 compilation.
A Heavy Nite With... A Heavy Nite With... Promo CD
A Heavy Nite With... LP label

Made In Doncaster

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