Pulp Pop Facts
Taken from Disco-Very, Volume 1, October 1992

These questionnaires were completed on 31 May 1992 at an M1 service station (I think maybe Leicester Forest East). The questions are specially constructed to give you a deep insight into the Pulp personalities.

Jarvis Steve Nick Russell Candida

Favourite sweets?

Jarvis: Coconut tobacco (currently unavailable)
Steve: Parma Violets
Nick: Pear Drops (as opposed to chox)
Russell: Mint cracknel (deceased)
Candida: Refreshers

Favourite drink?

J: Cresta (discontinued)
S: Bloody Mary
N: Chocolate milk, lager, tea
R: Champagne
C: Irish Baileys Original Cream / Earl Grey tea

Favourite fruit?

J: Cherries (Hard to get this time of year)
S: Banana
N: Don't do fruit, nor veg if poss.
R: Passion
C: Peach

Favourite food?

J: Boil in the bag cod in butter sauce
S: Broccoli
N: Anything in a pastry or crust. And chips
R: Italian
C: Vegetarian

Favourite planet?

J: Earth (all others are lifeless)
S: Rock
N: Uranus - silly name
R: Earth
C: Earth

Favourite toy when you were a child?

J: Major Matt Mason
S: Evel Knieval
N: Action Man - the one with the beard and skimmed hairdo.
R: Scalextric
C: Billy

Favourite fairground ride?

J: Log flume
S: Bouncy castle
N: Umbrellas, revolving type
R: Ghost train
C: Ghost train

Favourite TV show ever?

J: "It's Garry Shandling's Show"
S: American Gladiators
N: Top of the Pops + Pans People, Legs & Co etc...
R: Pogles' Wood
C: 'Shine on Harvey Moon' 1st series

What would you like for your birthday?

J: An Austin Allegro estate
S: Be with my friends
N: It's on 28th July. I want a Tetris Nintendo or Blockmaster
R: Lots of money
C: One of those glass globes that have electricity beams inside (ultra violet) that hit the place your hands touch. Bad explanation I know, but if you want to buy me one I'll detail you more.

What did you get?

J: Brut gift set
S: They all stopped returning my calls
N: Some crap jeans
R: A bag of marbles
C: Not my birthday yet, you'll have 'til 20 August

Where is heaven on earth?

J: Conisbrough
S: Catcliffe
N: The moment you wake up at 8am and can turn round and enjoy another 4hrs in bed. Bliss.
R: It's a nightclub in London
C: Right here

What is the worst thing that could happen?

J: Run out of things to say
S: Nick Banks solo album
N: Having to get a proper job
R: Death
C: I could be sick or Pulp could never make it

What would you be for a day?

J: You
S: David Icke
N: Michael Caine, Elvis, Ginsters taster
R: Nick Banks
C: Me

Best thing about Sheffield?

J: Henderson's Relish
S: Steel
N: Great TV reception
R: Cheap steel
C: Sheffield

Best thing about being in a pop group?

J: Carrying large items of musical equipment
S: Riches & fame (I've heard)
N: It's a good excuse to act like a tit 24hrs a day
R: Travelling to exotic places, meeting interesting people and killing them
C: Getting free records, free concerts + meeting popstars, maybe even becoming one!!

When will you give up?

J: 24th October 1994
S: When tomorrow comes
N: When I lose both arms in a car smash
R: When we can't afford it anymore
C: Never. I'll fight 'till I die

Who is your dream date?

J: Jan Francis (circa 'Just Good Friends')
S: Young Diane Keaton
N: Any decent chick with long hair and a thirst!
R: Virginia Bottomley
C: I'm not telling

What would you say to Elvis?

J: "My name's nearly the same as yours."
S: "Where can I get a white suit like yours?"
N: "How did you get out that fucking coffin?"
R: "I thought you were dead."
C: "Fucking hell!"

What was the last thing you found?

J: Pair of high-waisters in a skip
S: Love & happiness
N: Marmite sachet
R: A keyhole in the road
C: A vegetable money box to put underwear in when washed. A nice lime green colour

Your worst habit?

J: Prevarication
S: Smoking
N: Nail biting / arse scratching / nose picking / belching / forgetting
R: Picking nose
C: Being lazy

Your best attribute?

J: General aceness
S: Kind, generous & patience at all times
N: Top guy
R: Funnyness Know a lot about glass
C: Ooh, being patient

What do you wear in bed?

J: Depends who else is there
S: Black leather thong
N: The duvet
R: A condom
C: T-shirt or nowt

What is in your pocket?

J: Fluff
S: See above
N: Marmite sachet, 69p, contact lens case BBC visitor pass, drum key.
R: A modcon
C: No pocket, but a purse, change + mascara, keys would be

Who would you be stuck in a lift with?

J: A qualified engineer
S: Jason King
N: Marcel Marceau
R: An electrician
C: Oh my God, someone in a worse state than me


J: For ease of escape
S: Discuss his wardrobe & girl technique
N: Twat the cunt if he says owt!
R: -
C: Because it'd calm me down calming them down

What do you collect?

J: Anything going
S: Memories... (sic)
N: Ginsters wrappers (bag offer only)
R: Glass
C: Coloured plastic. Beads, sequins, not crap tho

Your worst moment?

J: Applying pile ointment in BBC lavatories
S: Early mornings
N: Watching helplessly as Jarvis crashes my mini clubman
R: Vomiting on stage
C: Plenty. Off hand I'd say not getting to see Arthur Lee or Madonna live

Your best moment?

J: Boating expedition down River Don
S: Late nights
N: Twatting him after (lie)
R: Vomiting on stage on Nick Banks
C: Plenty again. Meeting Julian Clary, looking through good kaleidoscopes + mainly good nights out

Is thar Owl or is thar Blade?

J: Owl
S: Owl
N: Definitely Owl
R: Don't understand
C: Fuck off thee, Wednesday.

Most dangerous thing you ever did?

J: Ate a yoghurt 3 days after sell by date
S: Wheelie on a Tomahawk with eyes closed (ended up in a hospital)
N: Went to see Wednesday v Millwall - ended up on Millwall Rd. Stoke Newington.
R: Joined Pulp
C: Gave my brother razor blades to play with

Favourite item of clothing?

J: Black velvet suit
S: Tank tops and stripey jumpers
N: New corduroy trousers, brown levis, 12.95
R: Pendant
C: Silver skinny rib top, psychedelic shoes, Lycra tights

Most impressive party trick?

J: "Sick-up-on-the-host"
S: Climbing back up off the floor
N: Projectile vomiting
R: Making silver paper burn your hand
C: Pete's one legged trick

Lifelong ambition?

J: Personal hot-air balloon
S: To find God
N: Helicopter ride, own flash motor (old), hot air balloon, jetfighter ride, visit Japan plus USA
R: Play violin in tune
C: To be a famousish popstar

Most treasured possession?

J: Chunky silver ring - (1st finger right hand)
S: In my pocket
N: Kettle, teabags, pint pot, sugar, milk, etc.
R: Car (For sale if anyone wants it)
C: Cats

Who would play you in the film of your life?

J: An actor who looks like me
S: Lewis Collins
N: Michael Caine, Roger Moore, Dudley Moore, any sad get...
R: Him out of sparks
C: Some daft head in the clouds girl

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