Bournemouth International Centre: 5 December 1998

Review by Charlotte Lewis.

This was an absolutely magnificent Pulp concert! Jarvis was so obviously enjoying himself. Even during the serious songs like This Is Hardcore, you could see a smile creeping across his little face. The concert started with The Fear, Jarvis and Gareth in matching attire. Jarvis was feeling very randy again, this was immediately apparent! Next was Babies, with Mark playing the intro. I felt sure that was usually Jarvis' bit! He then starts to chat about this being their last concert so we had to "make something special happen". Joyriders - the crowd actually knew the lyrics, unlike the NEC concert when no one realised that the song didn't go into the mad bit near the end. Does anybody know what I mean? More muffled words followed, then A Little Soul, where he kept touching the people at the front-middle of the crowd. I think that Underwear followed, as someone threw him a bra, yet again. They're very expensive, you know!

T.V. Movie: Jarvis has a go at the roadie, "Can I actually HAVE the guitar? Here please?" Then was the divine Seductive Barry. It's a shame that this was the last concert of the tour. He was just getting good on that box thing on his belt. Jaw-dropping thrusting gyrations! He ended up lying on his back on the speakers at the front of the stage, head back, facing the crowd. Sorted For E's & Wizz was good, but seems to have lost some of it's initial "umph". Do You Remember The First Time?: I got completely crushed during this song. A girl next to me dug her nail into the side of my face, to release quite a bit of blood - I didn't care though.

Jarvis: "I've always thought that Bournemouth was the place that people came to die." The rest of the band wag their fingers in disapproval. He quickly justifies himself, then plays Help The Aged. The balloons actually fell this time during Party Hard. I managed to catch one, and it is now hanging from the ceiling in my bedroom. Quite a long break followed. This Is Hardcore was once again astounding, as was Glory Days. I was squashed to a pulp during Common People, which left Jarv in need of refreshment - Port, again. After the break they played Disco 2000. I love the intro that they've put on that. It was as if it was released only yesterday.

At the end, someone shouts "She's Dead!" to which Jarvis says, "No, were not doing that. It's too high!" This is when we all thanked Richard for helping them out over the last 6 months. "It'll be quite some time before he plays with us again. When something changed for us, he was there to help us get through it." A very emotional moment. The best bit followed. "As it's our last concert, we've decided to try something a bit different. Gareth (fake Jarvis) can also impersonate other people, not just me. Tonight, Gareth will be... Freddie Mercury. [Pause]. Where's he gone? Has he got scared?" On he comes, in red PVC, slicked hair etc. They then play "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", with Jarvis on acoustic, showing off his talent to the maximum, smiling and joking all the way. He attempted the backing vocals, but it appeared, was embarrassed!!! Constantly during the concert, he was joking around with Mark, lolling around his neck, pointing the mic at his forehead (??) That was it. I'm sorry if this review is a bit long, to say the least, but I had to get it out of my system. I went in the sea afterwards. Bloody freezing, but did I care! A great night. The best ever!

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