Material World: Pulp
Photograph: Ed Sirrs
Taken from the New Musical Express, 10 October 1992

Where are you and what are the vibes like?
We are in Norwich and the vibes are like shimmering shards of incandescent plywood.

What was the last thing you ate?
Nick Banks: Chicken In A Bun
Candida Doyle: Branston Pickle
Steve Mackey: Cucumber (whole)
Russell Senior: Earwax
Jarvis Cocker: A Skoal bandit

What was the last video you rented?
Girl On A Motorcycle and we still owe six pounds because we took it back late, so because of that we've had nothing since.

What was the last good book you read?
Dead Babies - Martin Amis
The Cement Garden - Ian McEwan
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest - Ken Kesey
Woman In White - Wilkie Collins
Bonfire Of The Vanities - Tom Wolfe
Steppenwolf - Herman Hesse

Fave political figures?
Arthur Scargill, Harriet Harman, Michael Foot.

What TV shows do you try not to miss?
Open University - Particle Physics Module One.

What sports are you good at?
Water, pocket billiards, table tennis, cards, arm wrestling, gambling.

Which public figure do you most despise?
Sebastian Coe (he gives Sheffield a bad name - he stood for Parliament because he couldn't run for toffee).

Fave TV shows of yesteryear
The Spirit Of Dark And Dirty Water
Double Deckers
Hope And Keen's Crazy Bus
Banana Splits
Cheggers Plays Pop
Any public information films

Most embarrassing records in your collection
Ours, because our mothers insist on playing them when relatives and insurance salesmen come round.

Name three great songwriting partnerships
Chinnichapp, Bacharach & David, Peters & Lee.

Fave punk rock records
Candida: 'Another Girl Another Planet' - The Only Ones
Jarvis: '1 2 X U' - Wire
Russell: 'Pretty Vacant' - The Sex Pistols
Steve: 'Bingo Master's Breakout' - The Fall
Nick: 'Roadrunner' - Jonathan Richman

Fave historical figure
Vlad The Impaler and the Whore Of Babylon.

Worst lyric you've ever heard
"Kick yourself in the head/Pretty soon you will be dead..."
('Get A Life' - Julian Lennon)

Who's overrated?
Wim Wenders, Jacques Poos (Foreign Minister of Luxembourg), Bob Dylan, Graeme Hick, John Barnes.

Who's underrated?
Fellini, potatoes, Donovan, Momus.

Who's sexy?
Jarvis: Jan Francis
Steve: Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourg
Candida: Jack Nicholson
Russell: Ingrid Pitt
Nick: Sue Carpenter

Punchline to fave joke
"Elvis Parsley"

Where would you like to retire to?
Jarvis: Whitby
Russell: Scarborough
Candida: Shetland
Steve: Galway
Nick: Cardigan Bay

Name a record that can make you cry
Nick: 'Honey' - Bobby Goldsboro
Candida: 'Romeo And Juliet' - Dire Straits
Steve: 'Blue Afternoon' - Tim Buckley
Jarvis: 'Always Coming Back To You' - Scott Walker
Russell: 'She's A Lady' - Pulp

When were you last drunk?
When we dressed up as a bottle.

What was the last dream you can remember?
Candida: Eating live cockroach sweets
Russell: That Rotherham was a major international conference centre
Jarvis: Sticking up toads at the top of my gran's cellar steps
Steve: Being dressed in women's clothes at a disco

Three records guaranteed to make you dance
'French Kiss' - Lil' Louis
'Groove Is In The Heart' - Deee-Lite
'Disco Inferno' - Trammps

What was the first record you heard?
Nick: 'Mr Tambourine Man' - The Byrds
Candida: 'Love Is Just Like A Merry-Go-Round' - Sandie Shaw
Steve: 'Itchycoo Park' - The Small Faces
Russell: 'The Ring' - Wagner
Jarvis: 'The Strange World Of Guerney Slade' - Max Harris

Fave fabrics
Dacron, Trevira, Courtelle, Lycra, Dralon, Velour, Towelling, Darron, Suedette, Moleskin, Velvet, Sharron.

"That which does not destroy us makes us stronger"

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