A Talk With Jarvis
Taken from the 1995 UK/Euro Tour Programme, September 1995

What would you do if you won the lottery?

It's something that I hope never happens to me to be quite honest, it must be a terrible thing because people fantasize about having lots of money because they think it will sort their lives out but if you won the lottery you wouldn't have any reason to do anything because you wouldn't have to work so what would you do? People must feel adrift cos nothing means anything when you can buy whatever you want. Well, I know you can't buy the most important things in life.

What kind of things turn you on?

Shoes, of course turn me on a lot. My own shoes don't turn me on bud I like to see good shoes on girls. It depends... different people have different parts that might turn me on. I might get turned on by someone's mouth, or their arms or sometimes their throat. If you could make an amalgam of a person - like a Frankenstein's monster - you could create the perfect person that turns you on in every aspect.

Do you have trouble with cockroaches?

I have done. Terrible trouble. The last really bad experience I ever had with a cockroach was in Los Angeles and I was looking through piles of old records which were all on the floor and I pulled back a couple and a big cockroach, about three inches, ran out. The thing was that I was crouched down and vulnerable so I jumped and ran out of the shop.

Where do you ride your bicycle?

It's a very old bicycle, it's a Humber bicycle which apparently the police used to have in the olden days. I never rode in Sheffield, it's quite hilly but it's the best way to travel in London. It's good because you can explore and you're going at quite a good pace so if you see anything of interest you can stop easily.

Who would you like to meet up with in the year 2000?

In the song Disco 2000 the girl in it is true, we were born in the same hospital and I did really fancy her. I do wonder what she's doing just now, I expect she's married but I would like to meet her to see what she's like.

When's the best time to go home?

It's good not to have stayed out too late and to have peaked and then be still sat in a club when, you didn't ought to be there. It's best to leave just before it goes from being great to not-quite-as-great-as-two-minutes-before.

Have you ever had trouble with your neighbours?

It's usually noise trouble. In Camberwell there was some kind of a sweat shop above the flat and they were making clothes and they had huge industrial sewing machines which now and again made this noise which was unpleasant and in Caledonian Road there was a woman downstairs who was very nice but she had a fondness for cats and used to take in strays. She used to leave all these plates of cat food in the landing but this attracted loads of flies so when you had your window open in the summer you first of all had the smell of cat food which wasn't very nice and then you had all these flies coming into your room.

What were you doing two hours before we met?

I was in the gym. The reason I'm doing it is not to be really muscular, it's because I'm slightly worried about all the dates on this tour and I don't want to be collapsing in the middle of it. I'm not totally unfit but I wanted to do exercises to give me stamina. It was my first day today so the woman was showing us around, it's quite posh and it's interesting. Especially at this one because the people who go to it are probably quite successful and quite high powered in the jobs that they do and then obviously someone has told them that they're getting a bit fat so they go to the gym and they always have this guilty look in their eye as though they are ashamed. You know, they're not in this position of power any more with their grey sweat shirts on, sweating, so it's quite a funny atmosphere. People don't really seem to enjoy it but I do because I don't really have any exercise, I was half an hour on an exercise bike and it's quite good because it's got a little screen and you're racing against another cyclist so it's like playing a video game.

Why did you go to raves?

I first went to a rave because I was curious about it, the first one I went to was at Santa Pod Raceway. I remember the exact date, it was Cup Final day 1989 and I had to go to Camden to get tickets, just like it says in the song. I liked the cloak and dagger-ness, it was like a secret military operation and we were all on this coach with people we didn't know. We didn't know where the hell we were going then we were outside this big hanger thing and we could hear all the music going on and everybody in the queue was really placid. I just couldn't believe it inside, all these platforms and lasers and the back door was open where there was a big wheel and a full fairground. I had this feeling that it was like Close Encounters of the Third Kind with all of this music and this tribal dancing which was trying to summon some God down and afterwards we just thought it was the best thing we'd been to ever, so different from anything else. That first time it was perfect and then - after that it was never the same, it was like you were elusively trying to find that first feeling and it became a bit hollow for me.

What's the tallest building you've stood upon?

The tallest one in the world I believe, the World Trade Centre. I preferred the Empire State Building, they had someone in a gorilla costume who you could have your picture taken with. I took a picture of Steve with him. I wish I'd had some binoculars though, I got some for my birthday so I'm looking forward to using them.

What's your favourite kind of underwear?

For myself, Marks & Spencer trunk style but not with legs in. They're quite substantial. For girls, the same shape in plain cotton, I'm not into that exotic lace. I might try and get into exotic underwear, I'm sure there must be some nice stuff.

Are you a morning person?

Not at all, I'd like to be. When I actually get round to getting up in the morning I really enjoy it, I did once apply for a job as a milkman during one of the college holidays. I went to the entrance examinations which was interesting because you had all this mental addition and you had to work out how many crates you could get on your float. I didn't get the phone call but I would have really liked for one summer to be up driving around London in a milk float. The only time I'm up early in the morning is when I've been out the night before and you don't enjoy it then.

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