Dear Pulp People everywhere.

We are now at the mid-point of the decade, the fulcrum upon which the 90's balance before tipping over towards the year 2000, towards the new millennium. I believe that this year will be especially important for all of us, that the events & occurrences of this year will reveal the paths our lives will take for many years to come. So please, everyone, be especially careful & vigilant. You made 1994 so pleasurable for us so please be safe 'cos I worry about you sometimes.

The portents for 1995? Well, from here it looks good - the roadworks have finished, tea has been scientifically endorsed as a health aid & there's even a new issue of "Disco-Very" on the way - it's official.

So, my best wishes to you one & all. We'll do our best to keep you entertained.... & remember - stay alive in '95