Pulp setlist for Toronto Massey Hall, 10 June 1998:

The Fear
Do You Remember The First Time?
I'm A Man
Live Bed Show
Seductive Barry
Sorted For E's & Wizz
TV Movie
A Little Soul
Party Hard
Help The Aged
- - - - -
This Is Hardcore
Glory Days / Common People
- - - - -
Something Changed

Jarvis introducing Seductive Barry: "It's difficult to seduce someone in the correct manner because you don't want to be a humourless cheese-master trying to go by the rules... but you've got to believe in a little bit of romance in life, don't you think? Because it makes the world slightly bigger than it actually is. So this is our attempt to do that."

Jarvis introducing TV Movie: "You know those nights in when you've just got nothing else to do and you end up watching the TV? I mean watching the TV is bad anyway... it's time and it's from your life and you're just watching some imitation of life. Some films can be good but some films are fucking terrible and they just waste your time. The worse kind of film is a TV movie because it's got all the interesting bits taken out. It's just like a really watered-down piss-poor impersonation of what a film should be."