Pulp setlist for Dour Festival, Belgium, 10 July 1994:

She's A Lady
Acrylic Afternoons
Underwear (Debut)
Pink Glove
Do You Remember The First Time?

Jarvis: "It didn't start off on a very good foot, being called Dour, and it ended up being a bit of a dour event, as it turned out. There were a lot of bands like Babes In Toyland and Rollins Band playing, so it was all very noisy, and it was quite a small thing. It was meant to be a festival, but it ended up being just a couple of stages in a field. And it was very hot. And it was in Belgium. It was worse for me because I got bored and decided to drink my duty free, so I ended up throwing up for about five hours solid. I was underneath the stage trying to explain to all these paramedics that I wasn't really that ill. Decided not to arm-wrestle with Rollins, either."