Pulp setlist for Leicester De Montfort University, 10 October 1995:

Sorted For E's and Wizz
Pencil Skirt
Monday Morning
Have You Seen Her Lately?
Do You Remember The First Time?
Acrylic Afternoons
Live Bed Show
Disco 2000
Common People

Mojo Magazine Review, December 1995:
The fanfare is the main motif from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind - perfect for the '90s band that's taken 18 years to touch down. The spaceship lands to bring us Sorted For E's & Wizz, delighting an already heaving crowd who clearly believe it does "all mean something". No surprise to see the throng of vested, be-plaited, swooning girls here; more impressive that a band as un-laddish as Pulp attract such a reverential contingent of boys. Jarvis Cocker does not disappoint, donating fags, proffering Vegas-style observations on life and Leicester, and - like a performing seal - scoffing scraps chucked at him by dwellers of the mosh pit. Thrusting and grinding his way through Lipgloss, Monday Morning and more, he becomes an amalgam of stripper and choirboy, flicking his snaky hips and raising those pervy-vicar eyes heavenwards. While he sings his tormented and sexually charged lyrics, the rest of Pulp play their parts deadpan. Watching Cocker, Russell Senior and Steve Mackey in the seemingly 180 degree heat, it's no wonder they make up the leanest trio in Britpop. New boy Mark Webber looks as though his mum's told him to dress sensibly so as not to catch cold. The sublime Babies is received tumultuously, perhaps because that was where so many people began their love affair with the band. But of course the real winners are anthems like Mis-Shapes and Common People, Cocker's calls-to-arms to the freaks, losers and bottom-line proletariat. "Your time has come," they proclaim. "We're all in this together and I am your leader. Who knows how far we can go?" Victoria Sandler