NME Review, 5 February 1994:

Tonight, with a glittering great wodge of new-ish songs, the oft-heard cliché about Pulp being on the verge of fame looks genuinely plausible. All those odd '70s jibes seem pretty redundant in the face of tonight's spectacle. Early '80s influences are much more prevalent now, with new romantic pomp and proto-stadium bombast more the order of the day. Exactly why this is so marvellous - shitty mix and a stumbling 'Babies' apart - is a bit of a tricky one. Perhaps it's because bands who write anthems usually forget they're sung by ordinary people in mundane situations, while Pulp capitalise on that very kind of kink. So, 'Razzmatazz' is a song for doing the washing-up dramatically and 'Do You Remember The First Time?' - a gloriously tawdry paean to that untranscendal first shag - is like Simple Minds being dragged down to size at a village hall disco.

Pulp at the Kentish Town Forum 1994