The following is a faxed statement to Pulp's London management office from Pulp's tour manager in Los Angeles:

Los Angeles 23 May 1996

On Sunday 19th May, the day after we travelled out to Los Angeles, Jarvis was showing signs of flu' which we called a doctor to attend to in light of the forthcoming US Tour. The doctor said that it would run its course and gave him some aspirin. We travelled again to San Francisco where the band did an in-store signing at Virgin records for about a thousand fans.

The following morning Jarvis woke up unable to move from his bed with the progression of the illness. Another doctor was called to the hotel who also diagnosed flu and recommended rest. In spite of this, Jarvis managed to leave for the show at about 19.00 as he felt bad about having to miss the first sell out show of the US tour. He managed to get through the concert but was completely exhausted afterwards.

On Wednesday we flew back to Los Angeles to play the next concert at the Hollywood Grand. During the flight Jarvis' symptoms worsened but he insisted on going on-stage regardless as the show was sold out and again he didn't want to let anyone down.

The concert was very hot and airless and during "Common People", the final song of the set, Jarvis simply ran out of energy. Pulp played one more song and then had to leave immediately for the hotel to recover.

On Thursday May 23rd we took Jarvis to another LA doctor whose diagnosis was that Jarvis had become the home of a tropical bacteria which had probably moved in during his recent holiday. He's been prescribed a course of antibiotics and painkillers to treat it and told to rest as much as possible. In light of this and due to the nature of the condition, the band regrettably came to the conclusion that the concert in Denver should be cancelled in order to give Jarvis a couple of days rest.

This is only the second show Pulp have cancelled in the last three years. It is only because of the extreme fatigue caused by Jarvis' condition that has forced the band to cancel the Denver show. They're sorry for disappointing any of their fans and in future will try to encourage Jarvis to holiday in less exotic climes.

Richard Priest, Pulp Tour Manager