Pulp setlist for Osaka Club Quattro, Japan, 27 January 1996:

Do You Remember The First Time?
Monday Morning
Pencil Skirt
I Spy
Sorted For E's & Wizz
Have You Seen Her Lately?
Acrylic Afternoons
Live Bed Show
Babies (part)
Disco 2000
- - - - -
Common People

Pulp's first ever concert in Japan ought to have been a celebratory affair. But 'equipment problems' meant that the punters were left waiting in the cold for an extra 90 minutes before being allowed into the venue. To make matters worse, the band weren't particularly tight and Jarvis was in a grumpy mood, attributed in part to the miserablism of jet lag. On two occasions he complained about the spotlight shining in his eyes and even had to fend off some disgruntled hecklers who were complaining about being left in the cold, prompting heated debate within the crowd about whether the hecklers should "shut the fuck up". On top of all that, Jarvis somehow got electrocuted... twice! The first shock came from his microphone during the intro to Live Bed Show, prompting him to start the song again without the guitar (so no extended version). The second shock came from his guitar during Babies which had to be aborted before the first chorus: "I'm not gonna touch another guitar for the rest of this concert". There's an exceptional bootleg of the show, worth tracking down if only because it thrusts you right to the front row amidst all the excitement, passion, drama and anger. And to think the events of February 19 were exactly three weeks away...