Pulp setlist for Sheffield Leadmill, 29 December 1984:

Hydroelectric Dam
The Mark Of The Devil
They Suffocate At Night
[Improvised jam]
Anorexic Beauty
Repressive Forkout
Life Must Be So Wonderful
Take You Back
There's No Emotion

The setlist is taken from an audience recording which cuts out during There's No Emotion.

The improvised jam was required as Jarvis stopped the concert to discuss the sound quality with the venue's sound man. Returning to his microphone, Jarvis said:

"It seems that apologies are in order. I've been told not to swear. I'm very sorry about that. Also I'm told the sound's alright. Look, I'm not being awkward on purpose. All it is, up here, it doesn't sound very good to me and so I get a bit worried about it and people seem to take it as if I'm being a bit of a nasty person. And I suppose now there'll be lots of arguments after the concert's finished and they'll say 'we don't want you back here' and all that kind of thing. I'm very sorry about it... but we're going to play a song anyway."