Pulp setlist for Barbican Hall, London, 31 October 1997:

Love Scenes (Debut)
This Is Hardcore (Debut)
Help The Aged

Pulp were joined by:
Antony Genn: Bass on Love Scenes, Guitars on This Is Hardcore and Help The Aged
Gavin Bryers: Piano on This Is Hardcore
The English Chamber Orchestra accompanied on Love Scenes and This Is Hardcore

Love Scenes was later renamed Seductive Barry

Pulp concert ticket for Barbican Hall, 31 October 1997

Programme of Events:
Introduction by Anthony H Wilson

1. Video
La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela
"The Fountain" an excerpt from "87 V 10 c. 06:50:00PM - 87 V 11 01:14:47 AM NYC"
The Well-Tuned Piano in a setting of The Magenta Lights

2. Live Performance
The Gavin Bryars Ensemble
"Jesus Blood Never Failed Me Yet"
"Epilogue From Wonderlawn"

3. Tape
Spring Heel Jack
"Two Small Pieces For La Monte Young" accompanied by...

4. Film
Paul Catling
"First Small Piece For La Monte Young"


5. Live Performance
Nick Cave
Solo piano songs accompanied by Warren Ellis on violin

6. Video
La Monte Young And The Forever Bad Blues Band
excerpt from "96 VI 8 c. 8-11 PM NYC" Young's Dorian Blues In G (Bb = 60Hz) Live at The Knitting Factory in a setting of Ornamental Lightyears Tracery

7. Live Performance
Songs from the album "Ladies And Gentleman We Are Floating In Space"


8. Steve Martland
"Crossing The Border"
Performed by the English Chamber Orchestra
Conducted by Charles Hazlewood

9. Tape
Terry Riley
"Eastern Man"
Recorded live by Terry Riley with Khayal

10. Live Performance
Songs from the album "This Is Hardcore"

Programme notes by Mark Webber:
When I first heard that Marian was ill and I had the idea of a fundraising concert, I had no idea that we would put together such a fantastic event. I gratefully acknowledge the amount of work that has gone into making this evening possible, and I hope that this event will raise awareness of the scope and brilliance of the work of La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela. Thank you to everyone involved.

Concert Programme