08.08.05 No Sleep 'til Sheffield

It's almost a decade since the Blur 'v' Oasis chart battle prompted by the simultaneous release of Blur's Country House and Oasis' Roll With It on 14 August 1995. To commemorate the occasion, BBC Four are staging a Britpop night which'll be featuring plenty of Pulp. The televisual feast kicks off at 8:30pm on Tuesday 16 August. Of note is the repeat of Britpop Now (originally broadcast on 16 August 1995) which features an unforgettable performance of Common People (9pm-9:45pm) although if my memory serves me right, Pulp aren't on until the end of the show. At 11:10pm the Pulp documentary 'No Sleep 'till Sheffield' will be shown (originally broadcast on 18 December 1995) which follows the band around the UK on their 1995 autumn/winter tour. You'd be crazy to miss it. More information here.

12.07.05 Jarvis Cocker's TV Pop Rules!

Jarvis will be presenting a TV show on Channel 4 this Thursday evening (14 July, 10:50pm-midnight). It promises to take viewers on a "personal journey through the history of pop TV shows" (Thanks to Stuart for the info). Meanwhile, HMV stores have been selling copies of Different Class for only 2.99 in their summer sale. Unsurprisingly, the LP - which must surely be well on the way to achieving UK sales of 1.5m - has made a welcome return to the album charts, charting at number 62 on 27 June and climbing to 61 on 4 July.

20.03.05 Jarvis to host 6Music radio show

Jarvis will be presenting the BBC 6Music radio show "Rocket Science" on Saturday April 2nd and April 9th (1pm-4pm). Jarvis was interviewed over the telephone by the regular host, Marc Riley, last Saturday (click here for transcript). All the usual topics were covered - Pulp (Pulp, as I'm sure you kind of know, has undergone many periods of hibernation and stuff. I don't know whether we'll do anything again, but you know...), Harry Potter (That's just a shameless effort to try and ingratiate meself with kids!), Nancy Sinatra... and dog-poo (they're [the French] mad on it!) See www.bbc.co.uk/6music for more details.

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