05.11.97 Jarv & Steve speak out

[The Net, Radio 1] Steve on Russell: "Our last tour kind of killed most of us off but with Russell especially. He's got 2 kids, you know and we were all quite physically shattered by the end of it. There was a definite prospect of a year in the studio and 2 years on tour which he was not willing to face. As far as I know he said he didn't think it was cool being in a band anymore which, I mean, I doubt if it ever was anyway, but that's one of the reasons I heard him give."
Jarvis on "Like A Friend" (Pulp soundtrack for the movie 'Great Expectations'): "They gave us the scene from the film and we wrote a piece of music that exactly correlated to that bit of film, so we've kind of rehearsed with the telly on showing the film over and over again, and played the song and get it so that all the dynamics of the song went along with the dynamics in the scene, so that was a good laugh you know, and they really liked it as well which was nice.

25.10.97 Russell: "Why I quit"

Speaking exclusively to NME Russell said, "There are many reasons why I left, but mainly it was just not wanting to be in the band anymore... it didn't feel cool to be in a band." He went on to add, "Since I left it was great to realise I actually still liked music and that it didn't have to be extracted from my body in a painful process taking many months."

16.10.97 Pulp DJ at HMV

[Radio 1 23rd October] Pulp performed live for the first time this year - but didn't sing any songs. All 5 members of the band dj-d at HMV's flagship store in London's Oxford Street to celebrate the shop's re-opening after a 5 million refit. Hundreds of fans queued up for autographs and to see Pulp spinning some of their own discs - there was a bit of The Verve, as well as some Happy Mondays, some obscure ambient dancey kinda stuff, some hip hop, some pure '70s pop and disco and....The Osmonds' "Crazy Horses"! The Net caught up with drummer, Nick Banks just before he took to the decks: "I've got the first 3 lined up - that's about it and it'll have to be freefall after that. I don't play anything modern I'm afraid - the latest I go up to is about '93 at the moment. I'm always the kind of person who listens to things, thinks that's good then ends up owning a copy about 4 or 5 years later. So why did Pulp decide to make their first public performance this year dj-ing? Nick said: "I've no idea at all. I like playing records and meeting the people. We've not done anything like this for about 18 months so at the moment it's quite traumatic but I'm sure we'll get used to it. We thought it might bring us in a bit more gently to this charade of publicity - but obviously not!"

22.02.97 Jarvis: No festivals this summer

Although live dates later in the year have not been ruled out, Pulp will not play any festivals this year. Jarvis told NME, "I'm not fed up of doing what I do, though, 'cos there'd be no point otherwise. We're just giving the festival thing a break."
When asked about the forthcoming album Jarvis said: "You don't wanna hear about the album, it's boring. We've just been trying to write some songs. Some of them are ready, some of them aren't. It's not very interesting. There's really no point talking about it. This year, I just want to be a happy person and I also hope we'll do a record that will be of relevance to people. That's all you can hope for really, isn't it?"

10.02.97 Jarvis on the Spice Girls

[NME 8th February] Jarvis capitalised on the moment with the Brat Awards show being broadcast live on Radio 1 and reported on by a plethoria of international papers, radio and TV channels - to launch a scathing attack on the Spice Girls. "They said Margaret Thatcher was the first Spice Girl," he announced, "and somehow that seems to have passed over. But Margaret Thatcher did her best to decimate and fuck up this country, so fuck off Margaret Thatcher and fuck the Spice Girls. Here's to the new dawn!"

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